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Be School Ready

If your child is preparing to join us at Doubletrees School, we are here to help you 'Be School Ready', and make this exciting journey smooth, fun and full of learning.

Welcome to one of the most exciting (and nerve-racking) parts of your parenting journey! We know there’s lots to do and remember in the lead up to their first day. That’s why we endeavour to provide all the information and advice your family needs during this exciting time. 

How you can prepare your child for starting Doubletrees School

  • You could make a list of your child’s needs, if you think any adaptations will be needed, and add any strategies that work well for your child. 
  • You may want to think about how you can prepare your child at home.  Use stories to explain routines in school. The use of social stories can work well for some children.  Once you know which class your child will be starting in, you can liaise with your class teacher to obtain photos of the classroom and gain key information for routines for that particular class.
  • Throughout the transition process, young children need to feel secure and confident that their needs, wants, likes and dislikes will be understood. Start to write down information for your child’s communication passport. This can include pictures of your child and information about what they like and dislike.
  • Anxiety around school? Consider introducing a worry book where your child can write down or draw their worries or concerns. Have a look at some calming strategies and relaxation methods to help reduce anxiety or worry. Have a look at the Social Story – Separation Anxiety Going Back to School which was created by Autism Little Learners.  Make a list of any anxieties and discuss them with the class teacher.


You can find out more information and apply for home to school travel assistance through Cornwall Council here.  If you need assistance completing the form, or wish to discuss this with someone, please contact Michelle, Family Engagement Lead who will be happy to help.

What financial support can parents receive?

Juggling home and school life is tough for every parent, but there are some financial support options available. 

  • Child Benefit for parents responsible for a child under 16 (or under 20 if they stay in approved education or training).
  • Universal Credit for families on a low income needing extra support to meet their basic living costs.
  • Carer’s allowance for parents spending at least 35 hours per week caring for a disabled person who is on certain disability benefits and does not work, or works but earns less than £139 per week.
  • Council Tax reduction for families on a low income who may be eligible.
  • Pension credit for families on a low income but are over state pension age.
  • Newstyle Jobseekers Allowance for parents who have worked and paid sufficient National Insurance contributions in the last two to three years and are unemployed and looking for work or working 16 hours a week or less and looking for additional work. 
  • New style Employment Support Allowance for parents who have worked and paid sufficient National Insurance contributions in the last two or three years and are unable to work due to ill health or disability.

If you are worried about money, there is also help through Cornwall Council.

Become a part of our school community

For up-to-date information about what is happening in school, support for parents and carers, information about local events and what is happening in the classroom, please like our Facebook Page, have a look at our Family Connection leaflets and our newslettersWe also have regular coffee mornings and workshops which are a great chance for you to meet other parents, exchange experiences and ideas and maybe even learn something new.