Careers Education


The aim of the Careers Programme offered within our Special Partnership Trust is to provide students and their families with the information and opportunities they require to enable them to make informed decisions about their future learning and career; this aspect is a fundamental component of the EHCP/Annual Review process where ‘next steps’ are identified as students approach adulthood (from Year 9 onwards).

We acknowledge that our students may well need help to make choices and manage transitions in a rapidly changing world identifying where support is required in consideration of their learning needs; therefore, our students will be provided to help prepare them well for their next steps/stage identified.

The importance of Careers Education and Guidance (CEG) has never been greater due to significant and ongoing changes in education, training, and employment opportunities; it is acknowledged that all young people face an increasingly complex and challenging employment landscape with youth unemployment and underemployment at high levels, this is particularly so in relation to our school’s population. 


Careers Programme

Our school’s Careers Programme consists of a range of activities that help students make choices that are right for them and will help them manage their future careers. 

This process is initiated in Key Stage 3 (Year 7) where students and their families are encouraged to attend training provider workshops/meetings  which begin to identify their strengths and areas of interest (aspirations).

As previously stated, students Annual Review meetings will help all students and their families to review their achievements and begin to plan for their future via the ‘My Views’ documentation provided by the Local Authority. All such documentation will be discussed with parents at the review to begin the process of making decisions which will be required as our students begin to prepare for life beyond our schools.

The statutory guidance surrounding Careers Education has recently been produced with a greater emphasis on employer encounters, engagement and benchmarks for Careers Guidance known as the Gatsby Benchmarks. 


 Gatsby Foundation/benchmarks:

The Good Career Guidance Report identifies a set of eight benchmarks that schools can use as a framework for improving their careers provision to secure that every young person will receive high-quality career guidance to make informed decisions about their future.

Within our schools we aim to achieve (where deemed appropriate) all eight Benchmarks recommended by the Gatsby Foundation, establishing through a baseline where each school is in relation to providing these. 

For more detailed information about the Careers Programme for Doubletrees School and the Action Plan related to achieving all eight benchmarks, please see the linked policy below. 

 Enterprise Advisor Network:

Each of our schools is a member of the Enterprise Adviser Network and benefits from the support of Enterprise Advisers; working collaboratively with the school they aim to provide strategic and delivery support to the Careers Coordinator and the Senior Leadership Team of each of our schools.

Part of their roles and responsibilities will be to link education and business; through planned meetings over the academic year each school will determine actions to develop this aim, it will be the responsibility of the careers coordinator to ensure relevance of such plans and identify impact of them to secure success. 



Careers Coordinator Information 

Name: Claire Poyner  

Role: Careers Lead and Post 16 Lead/Teacher

Phone: 01726 812757