Doubletrees School Post 16 provision

Doubletrees Post 16 provision specific aims


  • For all: to aspire to maximise their potential; to develop existing knowledge and skills in order to use them more effectively, more functionally, more independently, with increased resilience, and across a wider range of settings; and to continue to develop core knowledge and skills.
  • For the most able: to focus on the development of core knowledge and skills; this is delivered through Entry Level Functional English, Functional Maths and PSHE
  • For all: to focus on developing existing knowledge and skills through Personalised Learning Intentions delivered through a personalised curriculum based on Areas of Learning; My Communication, My Thinking, My Independence, My World, My Body and My Creativity.
  • For this knowledge and these skills to be those that prepare our Post 16 learners for adult life - primarily preparation for further study (FE College); but also preparation for possible working opportunities.For all: to have their work externally accredited through AQA/Equals Moving On Programme Of Study (Functional Maths, Functional English, PSHE, Work Related Learning and Careers Education & Guidance/Post School Planning).

Curriculum and content:


  • We hope that learners will experience a difference when they enter Post 16 as compared to their general school experience. As well as continuing to enjoy and achieve through the new curricular Areas of Learning, we want them, and their families, to engage and be fully involved in making the next steps in a meaningful, individually based, journey toward adulthood.


  • The vehicle for our Post 16 provision is ‘Enterprise’. The overarching theme being one of ‘Sustainability’. The content is differentiated to take the individual needs and plans of all of our learners.


  • Each term Doubletrees School Post 16 learners take their enterprise project into the community; selling the goods made during the term to the public. We open a shop in White River Shopping Centre, St Austell once per term. We are members of the PL24 Associations’ Youth Market and take part in this annual event at Cornish Market World. The learners also have stalls throughout the year in Treverbyn Community Hall and Victoria Hall St Blazey.


  • The profit made by the Enterprise events goes back into investing into the post 16 provision.  


  • The Enterprise theme goes across all classes and allows for learners to develop knowledge and practice relevant work skills in preparation for their next steps to adulthood. The work ‘experience’ encountered here is supplemented by individual work experience opportunities where appropriate.


  • All learners will have an opportunity for internal or external work experience during their time in Post 16. This year (2016/17) every year 13 and year 14 learner has an external work experience placement with a variety of local businesses.


  • It should be noted however, that for the vast majority of Doubletrees leavers, the next step is to a local FE College. The preparation for this step is very important. We have close links with Cornwall College, St Austell who allow us to have a Friday transition course at the St Austell campus. Truro College also allow us to have transition courses on Tuesdays at Tregye and Wednesdays on main campus. We also have close ties with other local providers – currently Cornwall College Duchy, Stoke Climsland; and Plymouth City College – where individual tasters or links are arranged. In addition we seek to make individual arrangements, where appropriate, with other providers if specialist provision is secured for a learner post school. The work completed by our students during their college transition courses is externally accredited through Careers Education & Guidance/Post School Planning AQA/Equals units of work.


  • All learners follow individualised study programmes that include English and Maths to an appropriate level. There is a focus on functionality for all, and all of our learners have their efforts accredited through the AQA/Equals Moving On national scheme. Our more able learners may sit nationally accredited exams, typically at Entry Levels 1/2.