Family Liaison Worker

Mrs Chantal Bell
My name is Chantal Bell and I’m the recently appointed Family Liaison Worker here at Doubletrees. It is my job to be the link between families and school. If you have anything that is worrying you or something you need to know more about, please feel free to come and see me or contact me.
Tel 01726 812757
The Family Liaison Role
I have been recently appointed for this position at Doubletrees, I am a highly experienced Family Liaison Worker, having worked in another Special School in this role. I understand how the role can support parents/carers of children who attend the school. I will also be working closely with Jayne Brigg in supporting the EHCP process as well as meeting with Family Liaison Workers from our partnership schools to make sure you are being offered all the support and resources you may need.
My role is the bridge between home and school and I strongly believe it should be tailored to meet your and your child's needs whilst at school. if you have any suggestions on how you feel this could be adapted or improved please contact me. 

My role includes:  
  • Finding out what parents/carers want from school and how we can help them.
  • Supporting families in preparation for meetings and attending meetings (if desired) 
  • Being a link between school and families and a source of information for parents/carers through the school website, the family liaison noticeboard and personal contact.
  • Addressing attendance issues so that where possible learning can continue when a student is away sick for long periods.
  • Providing learning opportunities for parents/carers in matters that affect them and can make a difference at home, eg managing behaviour, basic makaton, PECS.
  • Providing teaching staff with support in establishing communication and behaviour plans at home which will reinforce what is happening at school.
  • Encouraging and improving the Doubletrees Parent group by getting more parents/carers to come along and getting them involved in school activities where possible.