Post 14 Curriculum

The Post 14 Curriculum


At Doubletrees, we have merged our KS4 and 5 provisions to form our Upper School. This allows us to create the most cohesive learning environments for our learners, with those of more similar needs and abilities working alongside one another. It also means that our learners spend a greater period of time preparing for their independence and life after school.


Students continue to follow the KS4 National Curriculum core areas of English, Maths and Science, alongside the foundation subjects: Citizenship, Computing, Physical development, RE and Sex & Relationships Education (when and where learners are cognitively able to access). We offer a five year rolling curriculum underpinned by the entitlement areas, the Arts, Design and Technology, Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages. 


This provision is merged with the post 16 curriculum which contains three overarching strands of learning: Work related learning, Independent Life & Living Skills and Health, Wellbeing and Relationships. These are organised across the five year rolling programme of study.  Each term has a different country as its theme. This global focus allows our learners to explore, experience and understand the wider world, developing an appreciation of different cultures and sensory experiences with the aim of further raising learner aspirations.


Learning in this phase becomes more orientated towards future aspirations and preparation for adulthood as our learners begin to focus more on applying their learnt skills to real life situations.  There are core skills sessions for our Bridging to Learn and Ready to Learn cohorts, where they learn key skills in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT before having opportunities to apply these in real life and work related opportunities.  All of our learners work towards Accreditations, through the ASDAN qualification or the Pegasus award.  Entry level certificates in Maths (AQA) and English (Edexcel) are also available to the most able.


We will be revising our Long Term Plan in the summer term 2021.