Work Related Learning

We are very excited to have teamed up with the Eden Project this year through the Game Changer Project

Learners in all three classes have had a number of quality work related learning experiences already this term which include being part of the catering team at the Eden Project, Barista Training and hospitality with St Austell Brewery and horticultural awareness with Joy from game changer and Matt Cottrell, a horticultural therapist from Eden. We have some exciting projects in the pipeline for Spring term so watch this space…

Game Changer Project


Click on the link below for more information on the game changer project :

 Work Related Learning Passports
We are currently working on developiong our Work Related Learning (WRL) Passports so that we begin to gather an understanding of our likes, dislikes and skillsets. We have started to record our work related learning activities in a work related learning passport. This will act as an information record and log book for students , parents / carers and work related learning partners. It will stay with us during our time at Doubletrees to then be used as evidence and information for future placements and potential employers.
It is our intention that we will create a log of learning for students to reflect on during their time in Post 16 so that WRL experiences are  meaningful and effective for each individual. Click on the file below to view.