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The Doubletrees Parent Group/Coffee Mornings

The Doubletrees Parent Group is there for all parents/carers who have children and young people who come to the school. The group meets regularly during term time. We try to alternate the day each month to allow more families the opportunity to attend. Sometimes we invite someone to talk to us about things which affect our families, such as activity and holiday providers, and we also have regular visits from support groups. Please feel free to let me know if there is anyone specific you would like to speak at these groups.

When you have a child/young person who goes to a Special School you miss out on the opportunity to meet other parents because your child/young person is often transported to school by minibus. You don't gather around the school gates to chat and make friends in the way that others might at mainstream schools. The Parent Group provides parents and carers with a positive opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and experiences in a relaxed atmosphere ,so that you don't feel so isolated.

The group is led by the parents/carers and there is not always a topic, it is often just a place to talk and share and have a cuppa. Points which may be raised in the group may be taken away by the Family Engagement Lead to ensure parents/carers feel their views and opinions are listened to.

For information about the group please contact:

Michelle Sandham (Family engagement lead)
tel:  01726 812757