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  • Achieve

    Together we aim to support every learner to reach their unique potential within our specialist environment. By having high expectations, we push our limits and expand our horizons. We are proud of what we achieve.

  • Belong

    We develop a sense of safety and belonging; both within our school family and our wider community whilst developing our personal independence.

  • Communicate

    Effective communication is at the heart at everything we do; enabling our learners to have a ‘voice’ and develop significant connections through positive relationships. Communication is key to preparing learners for their future lives.

  • Develop

    We aim to develop our learner’s skills and aspirations to prepare them to access the wider world, working in partnership with a range of agencies to ensure this development is holistic, personalised and interest led.

  • Enjoy

    Doubletrees school is an inclusive, happy and enriching environment. It is a place we all want to be.

A warm welcome to the Doubletrees School

May I offer all visitors a warm welcome to Doubletrees School

We hope you will find our website a useful resource and a source of information irrespective of whether you are: a parent or carer; a potential member of staff; or someone looking for a suitable school. Doubletrees School provides a unique and personalised approach to learning and development support. Please click on the play button next to my profile picture to see a fantastic insight in to our lovely school community.

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