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What is our curriculum design and why?

Our curriculum is designed to ensure our learners achieve their full potential, are able to communicate their needs, knowledge, choices and aspirations and enjoy their school experience. We value each learner highly as individuals and aim to personalise all their learning experiences as much as possible. We do this by using both their EHCPs and the National curriculum, which is adapted as necessary to enable the learners to access it, whatever their needs.

Our learners broadly follow three different curriculum pathways:

  • Learning to learn Our pre-formal learning pathway
  • Bridging to learn: Our semi-formal learning pathway
  • Ready to learn: Our formal learning pathway.

Further details of the learning pathways are available in the Learning Pathways document.

How will we teach it?

Our ethos and values continue to underpin our curriculum. We take a mastery approach to all learning, first teaching discrete skills, then offering increasing opportunities to rehearse and embed these across different contexts so that the  learning becomes generalised and lifelong, before we move on to the next steps.

Our learners progress through the following phases of school, each of which is accompanied by a long term rolling scheme of work:

Lower school
  • EYFS (which includes year 1 and some year 2 learners, depending upon their pathways)
  • Key stages 1 and 2
Upper school
  • Key stage 3
  • Key stages 4 and 5

Within each phase, there are classes that follow one of our three learning pathways.

The long-term schemes of work are included below. Where relevant, the National Curriculum outcomes are included. This is to give focus to the purpose of learning and offer aspirational endpoints. Though most of our learners work below age related expectations, their learning may be ‘spikey’ and these are included as our learners may access some aspects of these. It enables us to offer a broad and balance curriculum where we aim to use termly themes to inspire and enthuse our learners in their learning.

More information on our personalised learning approaches are contained in our curriculum overview document, which explains how we adapt to suit various learning styles, cohorts and needs.

Doubletrees School welcomes the opportunity to work with parents, members of the local community and other agencies. We endeavour to provide all pupils with appropriate extended enrichment opportunities and encouragement to participate, achieve and enjoy their learning.

What do we aim to achieve?

As our learners continue on their journey through the school we increase the focus on developing life skills and independence, enriching the learning with real life, contextual experiences as we prepare our learners to be able to access the wider world and achieve their full potential.  Accreditations and qualifications are offered to all learners at key stages 4 and 5. Please see the post 14 provision page for further details on our qualification pathway.