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Volunteering with Doubletrees School

Doubletrees Schools acknowledges the benefits and encourages volunteers and students to become actively involved within the school.

We offer short-term placements (for students or volunteers who wish to support us during a specific event) or those that can commit their time, longer-term or regular volunteering is available.

Volunteering is a wonderful way in which you can ‘give back’ to the school.  It is great for an individual’s wellbeing and you will get to meet and work alongside our wonderful team.

How do I become involved?

Complete an application form (to be found on the website or ask at Reception)

Let us know in what capacity you would like to volunteer (on an ad-hoc basis or longer term)

It would help us to know what interests you have or particular skill-set

Undertake a DBS check

Safeguarding of our learners and staff is our priority and therefore volunteers who wish to volunteer on a regular basis (3 or more times in a 30 day period, or once a month or more), will be asked to undertake a DBS check.

If you can only give your time on an ad-hoc basis, this will not prevent you volunteering with us, but we do ask that you work under supervision of a member of the school staffing team.  A risk assessment will be undertaken in line with School Policy

Undertake an informal interview / induction

We want you to enjoy your volunteering experience with us and therefore conduct an informal interview to ensure volunteering is the right choice for you and the best fit for us.


We encourage work-placements and students who may already be involved with or looking to enter a career in education.  Either:

  • Ask your student co-ordinator or similar to make contact with our Office Manager
  • Contact us direct