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School Uniform

Learners are encouraged to wear Doubletrees sweatshirts and polo shirts which can be purchased from the ‘Wovina’ website.  Please click on the link below to purchase your items.  (Our Doubletrees logo will be pre-loaded for you and all purchases will be delivered direct to you)

All Learners

  • Navy blue sweatshirt/cardigan
  • Royal blue polo shirt
  • Grey or black trousers/skirt
  • PE – black shorts or track suit bottoms and royal blue T-shirt

Post 14 (Year 12 to 14)

Uniform is not compulsory. If learners choose not to wear uniform they must adhere to the Special Partnership Trusts code of conduct.

If you do not wish to purchase the Doubletrees' uniform we will allow pupils to wear plain royal or navy blue sweatshirts and polo shirts.

Please provide an appropriate T shirt, track suit /shorts and footwear for PE. A swimming costume and towel will also be needed. Your class teacher will advise you which day these are required.

All school clothing should be clearly named. We can then return it!

To order school uniform please use the link/website below: