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The Post 14 Team

Sarah Hosking

Teacher & Preparing for Adulthood Coordinator



Fay Pollitt


I am the Teacher of the Redwood class.


Rebecca Williams

I am the teacher of the Elm class.


Teacher - Rebecca Williams



Michelle Sandham

Parental Engagement Lead



Post 14 transition support and learner work related opportunity support.

HLTA's in the Preparing for Adulthood Team

Michelle Smith - HLTA / Communication

Michelle manages Redwood Class when Fay is away from the classroom. 

My name is Michelle and I’ve been at Doubletrees over 20 years. I love communication and am the communications lead across the school. I also love sensory activities: I enjoy making a mess while doing sensory learning but I hate having dirty hands.



Vicky Dutton - HLTA / Sensory Integration


I'm Vicky and I have worked at Doubletrees for many year, first as a TA and more recently a HLTA. I love working with our learners and enjoy the challenge of helping them to overcome their sensory needs.