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Our New Sensory Room!

This term we are very excited to use our new sensory room in our Orchard building. We love it!

Here is some useful information about the benefits of sensory rooms and how they provide a fantastic safe space as well as fun, to our learners.

Children with developmental disorders can be particularly sensitive to certain stimulation that most people rarely consider. They may experience negative reactions to unpleasant or overwhelming sensory stimulation.   

Sensory stimulation is a vital part of the human experience. It triggers our emotional and physical responses to the world around us. How we respond to stimulation can affect the things we hear, see, feel, touch, and taste. It can even affect things as fundamental as the feeling of hunger.

For most, this is done subconsciously. The majority of the time when we receive sensory stimulation, we process our response without thinking and move on. However, a person with a developmental disorder may not be able to continue through their day as easily. 

What is the purpose of a Sensory Room?

In general, a sensory room is a tool to help people with developmental disorders regulate their emotions. For people with special needs, sensory room benefits are considerable, providing them with a safe and controlled environment to work through the unique challenges they face in the real world.

Sensory rooms are incredible spaces for people who are feeling over-stimulated in the moment. Learners can attend a sensory room, where they are safe to regulate their emotions as needed. Then, the learner can return to their usual activities. 

Our rooms are bespoke, designed around our learners needs and are also a lot of fun!