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Free Wellbeing Resources with Headstart Kernow

MY BRILLIANT place to be ME! is a wellbeing resource for children in KS2 (8 - 11) in Cornwall.

It has been created by Headstart Kernow to be a part of a Whole School approach to wellbeing; complement the Cornwall Belonging Strategy and; as a contribution to the Cornwall Council strategic priority:

Cornwall will be "a Brilliant Place to be a child and grow up".

MY BRILLIANT place to be ME! has two parts:

  • A full colour, printed wellbeing activity book
  • A freely accessible website containing b/w downloads of the entire activity book and /or individual pages for schools / parents and carers and others supporting children’s wellbeing in Cornwall.

The website will also have a growing library of additional activities, recommended resources and more.

MY BRILLIANT place to be ME! is full of activities and information designed to help children:

  • Become more aware of their emotions, and to recognise and name their feelings
  • Understand that all feelings are OK
  • Become better able to manage uncomfortable feelings with simple self-soothing strategies and by seeking help
  • Identifying the people in their lives who can help them if needed.

It can also be a useful tool for parents, caregivers, or school staff to better understand and support the child's emotional wellbeing.

Brilliant Me : Headstart Kernow