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Meet the staff

Please see below for details of all members of staff at Doubletrees School

Lisa Brewster

Mid-Day Supervisor

My name is Lisa; I’ve worked as a midday supervisor since 2014

Before starting this role, I was a cleaner at Doubletrees and was asked to try out a taster week within the school team and the rest is history.

Curriculum specialisms or interests

The School has provided us with training to cover all aspects of the work. As long as I can make a difference to the students, I feel I have reached my goal.

Relevant Career history

Before I joined the team at Doubletrees, I worked as a kitchen assistant for nine years which gave me the first taste of working with children. I then changed careers and started work as a cleaner for about a year, I then began working at Doubletrees School. Some of you will also recognise me as a Passenger assist with a local school bus company, this allows me to interact with the students and parents / carers.

Fun fact

I was part of the ladies A crew that rowed in the world Pilot Gig Championships in The Scilly Isles many years ago when there were a mere thirty-two gigs lined up ready to race. These days there is well over one hundred boats.

Secret talents

It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you