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Specialist Intervention Team (SIT)

At Doubletrees we offer our learners access to additional support from the Specialist Intervention Team (SIT).

Helen Green                            Vicky Dutton

SIT Manager                            Interventions                        






The team aims to:

  • Provide early identification of a child/young person’s needs and offer early therapeutic intervention. This intervention is personalised, highly specialised and integrated support that delivers positive outcomes for children/young people.


Early Intervention: Early Years Group Sensory Motor Intervention
  • Further develop an equitable offer enabling fair access to therapeutic services which is delivered based on identified need. The SIT approach is child centred and holistic, with a clear focus on the input of children/young people and their families as part of the therapeutic programme; providing families with specialist information, advice and support.
Using a Communication Book to make choices and share information during a 'Communication Through Cooking' intervention.


Personalised visuals and schedule strips to support understanding of routines/activities and enable autonomy in life skills tasks.

  • Develop a sustainable, multi-disciplinary, specialist intervention resource working innovatively in schools, across the Trust, with multi-agency partners across Cornwall and Devon.
  • Develop professional career pathways, supported by expertise that support the Trust's recruitment, retention and reward strategies. Developing and retaining highly skilled staff ensuring that the Trust is able to meet the needs of all children and young people in Trust provision and across Cornwall and Devon.
Using a Strengths Based Approach to transition between locations.
Personalised 1:1 sensory motor interventions in the Sensory Integration room.
Communication through cooking intervention. Showing pride in our achievements.